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ASI Wireless Fire Detection - Showcased at Intersec-2024

ASI Oy Ltd presented its market leading wireless fire detection system at the Intersec – Security, Safety & Fire Protection, recognized as the world’s premier industry exhibition. The ASI wireless fire detection system – certified in 80 countries – generated a great interest among the fire alarm industry specialists.

Over 1,050 exhibitors from 60 countries were represented at the 25th edition of the exhibition attended by over 30 000 visitors. The ASI Oy Ltd stand attracted over 500 visitors from the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Designed to Protect Life and Property 

 The ASI wireless fire detection system is designed to protect a wide range of projects such as high-rise and multiple buildings, schools, hospitals, airports, factories, etc. The system has advanced technical specifications including 10-year battery life, a 1200-meter communication range in free air, and 126 expanders in the network. A significant feature that sets the system apart from competitors is the ‘self-configuring mesh network’, which automatically establishes all communication paths within the system significantly speeding up all the installation procedures. 

Dynamic Evacuation System 

This year a unique dynamic evacuation system was presented at the ASI Oy Ltd stand and attracted huge visitors’ attention. Several detectors programmed as a dynamic evacuation system in case of fire initiate evacuation with a warning message. The devices one-by-one generate a short multi-frequency sound signal along with a light flash, showing the way to a safe evacuation exit. Besides, the system can reverse direction and activate independently on different floors allowing for an adaptive evacuation strategy.   

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