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ASI Oy Ltd at Intersec-2022

INTERSEC - Security, Safety & Fire Protection is recognized as the world’s premier industry exhibition showcasing technology from across the world. Following a 2 year absence due to COVID-19 we were pleased to present our market-leading wireless fire technology. Despite the non-participation of a number of leading international organizations, the exhibition was very successful and attracted a high number of international visitors.


Our wireless fire system has advanced technical specifications including 10-year battery life, a 1200-meter communication range in free air, and 126 expanders in the network. A significant feature that sets us apart from our competitors is the ‘self-configuring mesh network’, that automatically establishes all communication paths within the system. The wireless fire technology aroused a significant interest and attracted a lot of visitors from different countries. 


Our visitors were provided with detailed information about the wireless fire system with presentations given every two hours from our purpose built classroom at the ASI booth. Visitors received comprehensive information about the features and capabilities of the wireless system from our technical team.