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Going the extra mile

AW Technology’s business is a truly global operation. With customers across every continent, AW Technology has a commitment to not only deliver its world class test tunnels and equipment, but to also provide a detailed programme of aftercare and support.This commitment to customers sits at the heart of AW Technology’s core business philosophy and has undoubtedly played a huge part in the company’s continued growth and development.A recent example of AW Technology’s close work with its customers, is the visit to ASI’s facility in Savonlinna Finland, to provide advice, support and guidance for their newly commissioned 3800 heat, smoke test tunnel. 

In 2019 ASI established a manufacturing facility in Savonlinna, Finland to produce and deliver its market leading wireless technology throughout Europe and International markets. Chris Atkiss, Business Development Manager, AW Technology, made the trip and described the specifics of the visit and the overall importance of ongoing support towards customers. 

“It’s been well documented that at AW Technology we place a huge importance on building strong relationships with our worldwide customer base. This helps us maintain an open communication stream with our customers and ensure we’re able to provide the optimum level of support for their test tunnels. Our detailed approach to customer service, means that we prefer to meet every customer face to face before we embark on a project. 

“This specific visit to Finland was an opportunity for us to meet with ASI at their facility, understand their requirements and ultimately make sure that their tunnel was performing to its maximum potential. The feedback we’ve received so far from the customer has been extremely positive and we look forward to continuing our work with ASI and supporting them with future projects.”

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