Communication reliability in modern wireless fire alarms. Radio propagation in a burning building and measures to counteract signal fading

Most misconceptions about wireless fire alarms come from negative experiences with legacy systems that do not support the mesh network technology and are unable to provide multiple reserve connections to the devices. Modern solutions do not suffer from radio communication issues, implement various measures to ensure connection stability, and provide each device with several ways to deliver the signal. In normal conditions, wireless alarms are just as reliable as wired systems, and when it comes to operating in a burning building, radio communication provides an additional benefit as it can continue working even when a big part of the network is damaged by the fire.
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Going the extra mile

AW Technology’s business is a truly global operation. With customers across every continent, AW Technology has a commitment to not only deliver its world class test tunnels and equipment, but to also provide a detailed programme of aftercare and support.This commitment to customers sits at the heart of AW Technology’s core business philosophy and has undoubtedly played a huge part in the company’s continued growth and development.A recent example of AW Technology’s close work with its customers, is the visit to ASI’s facility in Savonlinna Finland, to provide advice, support and guidance for their newly commissioned 3800 heat, smoke test tunnel. 
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How to take a new system to market in record time

“Why communication is key to acing the safety certification process”Martin McCullagh, Business Development Manager for Fire Detection at BRE Global 
When a company sets out to bring a new fire detection product to market, one of the main challenges it faces is gaining certification to the relevant standards. Like taking out an insurance policy, this is a process that every company in this sector must go through if it wants its product to be widely sold. By gaining Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) approval, for example, as a manufacturer you will benefit from increased sales and value pricing, while reducing your liability. 
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