Wireless Fire Detection

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  • Self-healing mesh network - wireless detectors automatically choose a parent repeater
  • 3 seconds activation delay
  • 10 years of battery life
  • 1200 m - the communication range between devices (3500 m - communication range in the extended range mode)
  • High level of radio noise immunity
  • Cryptographic protection of information
  • «Hidden» operation mode (broadband signals)
  • Quick, easy and cost-effective installation
  • A wireless directional evacuation

System Architecture

Описание изображения

Main features

Self-healing mesh network

Automatic reconfiguration of communication routes

  • Each device automatically chooses its parent expander.
  • Expanders automatically form a wireless network and define paths of delivering information to the main control panel.


  • The automatic connection the devices with their corresponding expanders and reconfiguration if necessary;
  • Automatic adaptation to changing operating conditions in order to provide the best possible quality of the connection.
  • An extended informational capacity of the system allows solving a more complicated range of problems.

Advantages for installation companies

  • simplified design and planning process;
  • fast commissioning process;
  • the wide range of applications and solutions for different challenges.

Main features

Directional evacuation

Wireless smoke detector with alarm speaker and strobe light

  • wireless smoke detector
  • wireless directional sounder & speaker («white noise» + voice message)
  • wireless strobe (4 high intencity LED's)

Wireless directional evacuation via sound wave and strobe lights path to the nearest safe exit route

1. Smoke detection in a protected area
Integrated fire detectors & annunciators analyze the smoke level in the air and transmit this information to the control device
2. Voice alarm in case of fire
In case of fire alarm annunciators/detectors activate voice message: «Attention! There is a fire in the building! Follow the sound and light indication!»
3. «White noise» & strobe lights path
System devices alternately make noise signals and strobe flashes creating a sound wave and a light path to the safest evacuation route
4. Control of evacuation process
The system allows changing the direction of a sound wave and strobe lights path to the other emergency exit if necessary



Wireless Fire Detection System Certified to EN54 by LPCB/BRE Group